Monday, May 26, 2008

Behind iron doors

so, i feel a little jobless and actually overwhelmed that am finally on blogger and why it has taken this long to do this, but thankfully am here, so while am at it i d like to share a little something am writing and tell me how it goes, ok i titled it behind iron doors


Sheila Young

Clang! That was the sound that hit me finally, when I got into the black Maria, its true, I started to panic, hitting the door of the truck with all my might and screaming so loud my spleen wanted to burst. “Let me out of here, I am innocent”, just then the BM coughed and started its journey to the unknown, I continued screaming till I heard a very low voice go “Oh shut up woman”, I looked down and for the first time I noticed a lean woman with swollen eyes, with me in the truck, she was just convicted of killing her husband because he tried to rape her daughter from her first lover, her trial was just before mine.

That journey I tried to reconcile was the first step of my misery and funny my freedom, as the BM drove unsteadily out of the Ikeja high court, I couldn’t help but sit down on the bare brown bench darkened with age and stare, I wasn’t really guilty, this wasn’t happening, how could this happen to me, this and many other things flooded my mind as I hear the judge go 2 years in prison. Funny I should be grateful, its two years with the kind of lawyers I have I could appeal and have my sentence short after all, I didn’t do anything, I was only set up , at least that’s what I know. Suddenly the Black Maria spurted and stopped, I looked outside through the tiny spaces that the truck had, so tiny a two month old s fingers couldn’t pass through and we were in a strange place actually surrounded by bush. And the next thing I heard was the drivers’ door slam shut.

I heard keys and the next minute, bright sunlight mixed with the smell of sand just after a drizzle hit me, ha, the truck was open what next, before I could think of saying something a rough hand of the escort police man grabbed me, I stiffened and screamed, and for the first time in my life I was scared.

Gerra outtt! Before I pull your teeth, stupid gal, bellowed the officer, I shivered and simply obeyed, sitting just in a small tent outside the bush were 4 men, four rough looking men, I couldn’t believe this, I thought we were been taken to some jail or the other but here we were in the middle of no where except bush.

I started shouting, Oh my lord, save me save me, when one of the men spoke in clear Yoruba “Ha, Omo yi fine gan ni, emi ni ma koko de be. (This girl is fine, I will go first with her), then and there I knew that I was in trouble, was this not the truck that was supposed to take me to kirikiri or some other maximum prison. Before I knew it I was pushed to the ground, and hands went roughly around me pinning me to the floor, I screamed heavily, but the man on top of me was much stronger, he tore my dress with a serious smirk on his face and said in pidgin this time ‘I wan do you strong thing, you fine no be small, so if you cooperate, you no go enter prison, I go make you my alaye mama for here”

God forbid, I prefer to go to jail, I whispered, Ehn so that na your way!, he then put his cigar stained lips on mine and all I could feel was disgust and pain as he was leaning heavily on me, then he tore my skirt and hurriedly pulled down his pants, revealing nothing but him in his full glory, Stella swallowed quickly , as his 9 inches neared her thin frame, this was it, ha I am finished, I thought as I tried to reason with him, Oga please I can give you anything you want, money, more money, anything pls don’t do this. Ok I have a condom in my pocket, pls take it and use, that elicited the most wicked laughter I had ever heard as he said in a loud tone, see this mumu oh, she say make I protect my self’. All his boys started laughing meanwhile out of the corner of my eye, I could see the police escort and the driver dealing helplessly with the lean woman, she didn’t even blink an eye as the police man, dripping with sweat and with only the top of his uniform was pumping in and out of her, in quick succession, my mind was thinking but I was weak, Stella isn’t weak, no no, as I still struggled, I felt one hand on my left breast and I screamed, quickly my captor lowered himself and his full 9 and pierced inside my body, my ear piercing scream was all I could hear before I felt a hand tap me and then I woke up with a start, hmmmmmmm, where was I, shit I, Stella young fell asleep in literature class, my goodness, all I could see were my classmates looking at me and laughing because I had slept all thru the class and was screaming half way and they let me continue. How bad could that be, I was so relieved, it was a dream , yes, But just as I packed my books, I saw 3 men dressed in police uniform advance towards my class, as everyone started getting scared, they see the lecturer in private and then he lifts up his head, Stella! Any Stella young in this class, all heads turned to me the sleeper, and an officer steps forward……….please ms Stella come with us.

Am Home! roll out the drums

Hi ya, guess this is where i should have been a long time ago but have been stalling, am home yeah, c'est moi has got to introduce herself since am supposed to be the new kid on the bloc and i promise to try to try to update as regularly as possible.
Me name, a couple of friends call me jazzy, but i kinda love jay, so i ve been reading a lot of peeps blogs here and am loving it truthfully, i am an ardent reader of Bimbylad, Tonipayne, Fineboy( he had to leave as i was entering too bad), simple gal, Original Mbeke, Nigeriadramaqueen and am loving all dat they say. so please am asking to be tagged too. tanks.

I am a boring chic sometimes but i have my happy eventful times, ok lets say that am supposed to be reading, because am really supposed to, ve got my Lagos Business school MBA entrance exams on saturday the 31st but instead yours truly sneaked out with a family friend one evening during last weekend to a club on the island, take it from me, i if u did sneak out from a security tight house like mine, o try gan oh! If i may let me bore u with a little family history, my father ha Strong Christian, so also is my moms so visiting a club was out of the question 4 them, talk less of seeing me outside the house after 7.
This makes me remember the day i traveled to Ibadan to do some marketing work for the company am attached to against their request, when i got home i found my palle and malle, outside the prison like wall called a fence waiting for me,as soon as the cab that dropped me, pulled away i heard a mighty voice
pops; Yes! where are u coming from
me: Dad, we were asked to wait at the office for those that traveled to come back
Pops: So why didn't you call someone or why were u not picking your phone

me, in my already planned speech told pops of how i entered am armed robbery bus, well it was kinda true but u know how we add fisi to our gist, that how i told my fada that they brought out guns and threatened to blow our brains, quickly the man rushed me inside, wishing thankful prayers, in my mind i was like, if this man really knew, i traveled with them and still entered a bus that was filled with theives not armed robbers he ll really throw me to them.

Anyways i was on about the club thing, as we entered 3rd mainland bridge at about 11pm na so my padie car just coughed and stopped, there and then i started firing prayers, me wey dey go club ke!
How could the car do this, with the numerous stories i ve heard about thief(s) on the bridge at nite, fastly i told my friend philp to start pumping the engine.

My goodness, the first time it refused, we tried oh by then just very few cars were breezing bye, they get mind stop Nah! no one wants a broken head, anyways finally on the third trial the thing just started and my friend said it was probably the bad fuel we brought from the gas station(i wil not name names) just before we left.
Rubbing my two hands in thanksgiving we quickly moved and it just got me thinking about the month i spent in jand just after my senior waec, where me and my elder bro almost entered police wahala wen he was driving just a little drunk, chei, we just went to hang out at Piccadilly with a couple of friend so, na so my brother begin dey shack, am like jazzy snr where u bring this shack come from, cos i no want police wahala, he just laughed and shook it off, ok now as we set home that was how my bro started speeding anyhow, i warned him oh say naija police go collect bribe ds one go tear u paper and my bro didn't listen, ok wen they eventually stopped us i had to muster all the sweetness and a call to my uncle who works with the MET police to help out.

Did i say that am suffering from an eating disorder, ok well i am , i love to eat dat only means one thing i am tres fat. not too worry not the love handles fat, just big , big bones, n fat. so i am planning a major dieting spree, tanks to my skinny sista, i look like ds a famine in my family and am the cause.

On a lighter and sadder note, naija just lost one of its special, Evangelist sunny Okosun, R.I.P sir, i ve gotta go now but tomorrow or wen next i can reach ds i ll tell u a whole lot of my experiences in my ex school the so called rich mans pickin Christian private university. For now catch ya i ve gotta work ds months or salaries are supposed to increase. catch ya