Friday, July 4, 2008

First day @ school

Hiya people, its been a while, but first happy new month and many things, well let see what can we blog about, ok seat back......

She walks in innocently dragging her box of clothes with her moms in tow and an uncle who accompained them driving rickety peugeout 504, one that looked like it barely made it out of the civil war in naija, she promised never to enter that car again, anyways she didnt have a choice, her father a Director in an apex bank was too busy to bring her down and so he assigned his younger brother who looked like diabetes had taken the best part of his life and her mon, sweet mom.

Stepping into the potter's lodge at the university, she was met with gazes of possibly returning students , hugging friends and obviously new students who clutched their bags and spoke tru their noises, everyone wanted to claim aje bota ater all it was a private university. She quickly took a deep breathe and headed for the potter without wasting time, He assigned her a make shift room for the night as her fees had not been paid.

There and then frienships and bonds that that till today have lasted the test of time were formed, a thin swrany looking girl, an almost baby fat girl, 2 sisters and another slept in that room. The first step of friendship was extended when they all had to bath that night after their long trips from everywhere, lagos, Warri, PH. It was a lucky day as one of them was almost beaten by a snake, what a welcome u know.

And today as i seat in my office years after am grateful for life, for love, for friendship and that the snake didnt bite me. My love to my friends the ones i spent 4 years loving, hating reading and fighting with, Nimota, Kemi, Yemi, Helen, i love u guys. What a wonderful life my first day at school, Does anyone feel nostalgic about their own first day. u could share u rs u know. Am waiting. Catch ya people.