Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy nu year

Its been a bit but i just had to drop the happy new year line. things will def get better in 2009. love u guys.A

Friday, September 19, 2008


Ok, sorry ve been away for a bit, i guess am in the process of changing jobs and that means that i am not hooked to the internet 24/7 these days, and well i ve just been thoroughly lazy to get to a cafe. I ve tried to update a couple of times but ve not been able to post anything to my blog. Now the last thing i tried to blog about was my first love. My very first puppy love.

Good and bad news; he s back from wherever and wants a comeback. The cutie with the very hot looking face and body. Hmm why did we break up at first? I guess we were too young and his dad didn’t want a girl after his hot son!

The comeback: Lad calls me up one day and asks me what i am doing and if we can spend the day together catching up on old times, i agreed and well we met at a fast food place cos it was pouring cats and dogs. After almost 4 hours of reliving what i cal puppy love, i invite him to my place.. Hmm rewind i mean my family house! Now considering the fact that my parents don’t think am of the age where guys should come see me unchaperoned, i did a big disfavour to myself.

We got home, hung out thankfully mini me was home so we were restricted to just gisting but i could see it in his eyes that he wanted more... Then moms came back and she was like who owns the large pair of shoes at the door and i told her to meet him herself. Incidentally she liked him and even commissioned him to help out mini mi with his physics assignment. And that was how he stole my moms heart, mini mi’s mind and well a bit of me. When it was time to leave i felt like going home with him but then i remembered that C would chop off my ears, so as i bade him goodnight he gently took me in his arms and kissed me! Wao! This was the timid teenager that couldn’t even kiss a wall through the time we dated, now he was frenching like crazy!

We agreed to see 2 days after that and we did, of course at my place and this time, moms came home extra early from work, she made me prepare food for him and she went upstairs. Meanwhile i was tired of struggling for attention with family so i dragged Lad outside and he shocked me by saying he loved me, and that he had never stopped and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! Now that was crazy scary. This was someone that i had lost contact with for over 4years although we saw each other at various times but from distances.

Before i could say much, he kissed me again and well i did kiss back, he was a terrific kisser! Geez i hope that s not cheating on C sha? And we continued lip biting for another 30 something minutes before i heard my name! It was moms looking right over us, catching us red handed, i d never been that embarrassed before but i guess she should realise its time to grow up! Now frenching a man right in my father’s compound has erased the faint memory of my farting once during am interview..... Yeah crazy gist for later.. i feel the laziness kicking in again so i ll just say Au revoir

Monday, August 11, 2008



Hi people, its been a while I blogged, well lets say the weather got the better part of me and even as I seat back and use office time to blog, I have a lump of tissue in my right nostrils stuffed with ROB. Actifed at the other side of my laptop and an empty bottle of Diet coke! So much for the trying to lose weight therapy.

Anyways to the koko of the tori, I have a cousin get married some three weeks ago at the sleepy town of Ilesha in Osun state. He saw a beautiful Yoruba gal and decided she was the one, anyways my family, extended and invited drove, flew and hurried down to the gals father’s house for the trad wedding the day b4 and the white wedding day after. Unfortunately I was chosen to be a maid of honor and it wasn’t funny considering that I didn’t know the bride too well, I guess it was just as family concerns and all that.

Now since family had come from far and wide, I met up with relatives and cousins that I had either not met or hadn’t seen in ages. Now there were family introducing themselves and I was just running from place to place trying to stick with people I knew, when an uncle called me, he was talking to another aunty and was incidentally asking after my moms.

He asked who I was and when I told him I was Aunty Grace’s daughter; he had his mouth open and called almost everyone s attention to me with what dropped from his alcohol reeking mouth

“Ha! Ada bu onwo” (This is Ada oh!) So you are grace s daughter and you are so fine and big, and he turned to everyone watching and said that he we should all have a family reunion so that he doesn’t see me on the road next time and try and toast me!

Anyways that was how I was introduced to everyone including a cute cousin. When Collins and I were introduced as cousins, I didn’t notice much of him, especially since, I was searching around for people I knew and my luggage, so it wouldn’t et stolen. But the very next day at the church grounds I noticed that he was in the grooms train 2 (is there anything like grooms train)

Anyways, the service dragged on forever and by that time, I was the only maid of honor that was bored, the rest were really into the service as if learning the procedure of the ceremony like theirs was next week. I turned back and started gisting with this cute cousin of mine. I found out that he’s a second cousin and well, we sorta bonded. Thru out the recap, we were together till he had to travel back to Lagos. I didn’t know my moms eyes were on me.

Fast forward to Lagos, it started with wanting to keep in touch with each other and that was how we started chatting on phone everyday! I mean not less than 4 times a day till date that is. Now everyone calls him my cousin lover. Truth is I love him. Very deeply.

Now don’t get ur mouth all running about incest, cos I asked a lot of people and they are not really concerned about how were related cos it’s pretty distant. Come-on! Do you really think I d date my cousin?

I love him like a bro, he s my bestest cousin, we could chat for hours on end and that s all. I have no plans to take anything further and that’s that. Besides he has a gal that he’s serious about and I plan to love her 2. But check I ll be home alone for 2 weeks as the minister is going to visit Director @ Asaba this weekend and he s volunteering to keep me company and go to work from my home. Do y’all thin =k it’s a bad idea, as for me any company is ok oh! What is this, my phone’s ringing and yeah it’s him…… gotta go. 1 love

Thanks 2 all those that encouraged me on my verge of a break, am back on track and so is my boy!!! I hope!

Friday, July 4, 2008

First day @ school

Hiya people, its been a while, but first happy new month and many things, well let see what can we blog about, ok seat back......

She walks in innocently dragging her box of clothes with her moms in tow and an uncle who accompained them driving rickety peugeout 504, one that looked like it barely made it out of the civil war in naija, she promised never to enter that car again, anyways she didnt have a choice, her father a Director in an apex bank was too busy to bring her down and so he assigned his younger brother who looked like diabetes had taken the best part of his life and her mon, sweet mom.

Stepping into the potter's lodge at the university, she was met with gazes of possibly returning students , hugging friends and obviously new students who clutched their bags and spoke tru their noises, everyone wanted to claim aje bota ater all it was a private university. She quickly took a deep breathe and headed for the potter without wasting time, He assigned her a make shift room for the night as her fees had not been paid.

There and then frienships and bonds that that till today have lasted the test of time were formed, a thin swrany looking girl, an almost baby fat girl, 2 sisters and another slept in that room. The first step of friendship was extended when they all had to bath that night after their long trips from everywhere, lagos, Warri, PH. It was a lucky day as one of them was almost beaten by a snake, what a welcome u know.

And today as i seat in my office years after am grateful for life, for love, for friendship and that the snake didnt bite me. My love to my friends the ones i spent 4 years loving, hating reading and fighting with, Nimota, Kemi, Yemi, Helen, i love u guys. What a wonderful life my first day at school, Does anyone feel nostalgic about their own first day. u could share u rs u know. Am waiting. Catch ya people.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pictures you wont forget

Yello, peeps hope u ve been having a splendid week so far, might hasn’t been too off the mark, ve been crazy busy at work, Trust me working in a social and media marketing and networking coy isn’t small play, yeah its fun sometimes especially when u re in content and all but all together its crazy work. Its basically social networking like face book only its a Nigerian concept, its called Legwork.

Anyways so i was sitting at my desk designing the newsletter when i came across some crazy pictures that almost made me fall from my seat and i said i d be damned if i don't share this with everyone so have fun laughing and do say what you think.

Wait for you turn boys

Cute baby


Dont do it please.


Am wearing my pants....Lol

No disturbance please am reading

Boil me ... Hmm very portable

American Baby Idol

Monday, June 16, 2008


Hi blogsville people,

Being itching to come here and talk but work has taken the greater part of my life ds days, so today it’s not like there s nothing to do, tanks to my server that is down, I am free to gist, till it gets fixed. Now why exactly do you think married men pursue single gals? That’s a question I ve begun to ask my self, they are married aren’t they and no one held a gun to their asses to get married so why are they never content. Or is it the strange act of succeeding in deception that dis guys love. Could it be the joy of conquering a new conquest?

I ve been thinking about this for a very long time becos recently yours truly has for a while now acquired a married man who constantly breaths down my neck, promising heaven and more heavens, and the funny part is that, this man is so smooth that he makes the toasting of a young man sound like a joke.

It started one cool afternoon at Anthony village in lag, when I was walking on the road with a gal friend to get to an ATM, because of the long weekend coming I had to get money to spend, we were as usually gisting about improving our careers and when we would start our MBA s when this Passat a 2008/7 model drives up and stops by us, funny I just saw the car pass by a minute ago, so the driver had probably seen something fascinating and revised.

Quickly I entered shut up mode and the dude winds down his glass and goes like

Hi, I know you from somewhere don’t I? In my mind (ol skool pickup lines)

My friend and I exchange looks and I go like Nope, ok the kind gentleman offers us a ride to the GTB bank in Anthony, I refused, but in a quick flash I felt my friend drag me into the car, and we left.

This guy kept questioning me like he knew me from somewhere was going on about, me being a doctor, in my head am going when did I do 6 years in school plus house job and didn’t know it. If a man I barely know is claiming that am a doctor, then so be it. After all the long talk sha, old man begins to toast me, totally ignoring my friend. Ha All ds was like in 7 mins oh, he asked to take me out to dinner, and I totally refused, a man with a golden band running his mouth anyhow.

Ok, he asks for my number, my anxious friend quickly gives it to him, telling me later we could chop from the guy. I quickly reminded her of my first encounter with a married man, where his wife wanted to embrace me (another gist for anoda day) but she went like if the guy messes up, u step back.

The guy has simply not failed to disturb moi, as he calls me every time pleading “jay, lets do this, pls see me, pls do this and that with me and I have refused to do all, now this is someone that is a personal friend to Ex presido baba Ota, and rubs shoulders with strong men in Naija, so what wld he be wanting with me. Plain cute moi ( no hype)

Now his music has changed, he wants to impress me badly, dare I say that if he wasn’t married I would have been tempted but this man, shamefully wants to thrill me , he calls me up on day and goes like “ baby, pls I ve begged you, I want you as a friend cant you see”, You know you would be stupid to think that I don’t want you in my bed but if friendship means more to us then, I ll forget abt that side” and am like dude what do u think, that I am a 2 year old.

Even if I was dat young I wouldn’t be foolish to fool around such. So he says he s giving me a blank Cheque, what ever I want I should tell him, a trip to France or Dubai for shopping anything I wanted, just dat I d have to give him 2 weeks notice, maybe to lie to his pharmacist wife and 3 lovely kids. To say the truth, I was impressed but definitely not to the state of loosing my sanity.

So am wondering, when they ever give up, why don’t they ever, maybe till they win the battle, as for Andy this one he aint winning…….

Pic from randyubong.

Friday, June 6, 2008

I hereby tag miself+ Princessa s private Uni talk.

1. link the person(s) who tagged you…
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged...

Well, i guess almost everyone on blogsville has gotten tagged except me, but i guess am the new kid on the bloc yeah so i tag my self, Jayjazzy.

6 Quirks
I guess am pretty strange cos i like to do the stuff dat no one really likes, i love to slice onions, believe it or not, i could take it up as a profession and as much as it brings tears to my eyes, i still love doing it.

Laying beds is something i love love really love doing, dnt know why but i could puke at the sight of an unlaid bed. strangely i may own a bed and breakfast in the nearest future, you neva know

I ve always had a dream to open a kissing school, yes, u read right, a highbrow place with a big sign board saying THE KISSING SKOOL. Where peeps that dont know how to ravish their partners by kissing em cld come and learn. Dat dream might still be a reality so watch out 4 me.

i dont chew my rice and i chew my solid food

well am outta ideas and since everyone, has virtually been tagged, i ll just tag Duchess, yes she s a nu kid areound the bloc 2.

Yeah, i read princesa s blog about E don break convenant and instead of replying a comment, i just wanted to comment on my own blog, first i went 2 a private university, second i read mass communication. That said, the use of private universities my dear cannot be over emphasized . Am not going to be bias here simply becos i was onec a student there, but am goin go say that some of them over do it, like the cell phone issue or the not sleeping out of school, but the kids they suspended in this schools were obviously given prospectuses to read, stating the rules of the school, it is easier to say no , i wont send my child to such school than when it happens you blame private universities

These universities have saved a lot of people from staying at home unnecessarily, irrespective of the bills that they incure, let me give an example of my school, we didnt learn advertising as a major but it was taught, now i got my advertsing experience from my first industrial attachment and havent looked back till now that i want 2 start an MBA, so i say that not all private schools are a waste of time and money.

On a lighter less controversial note, i think i am in love or in like if i may use, with someone who i am not dating, now dont get me wrong, its pure chemistry, but do i give up what i ve had 4 so long in a bid 2 answer chemistry or do i let my soul mate (if he is really) pass me by.

Yeah i think ve gotta go happy weekend everyone.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Behind iron doors

so, i feel a little jobless and actually overwhelmed that am finally on blogger and why it has taken this long to do this, but thankfully am here, so while am at it i d like to share a little something am writing and tell me how it goes, ok i titled it behind iron doors


Sheila Young

Clang! That was the sound that hit me finally, when I got into the black Maria, its true, I started to panic, hitting the door of the truck with all my might and screaming so loud my spleen wanted to burst. “Let me out of here, I am innocent”, just then the BM coughed and started its journey to the unknown, I continued screaming till I heard a very low voice go “Oh shut up woman”, I looked down and for the first time I noticed a lean woman with swollen eyes, with me in the truck, she was just convicted of killing her husband because he tried to rape her daughter from her first lover, her trial was just before mine.

That journey I tried to reconcile was the first step of my misery and funny my freedom, as the BM drove unsteadily out of the Ikeja high court, I couldn’t help but sit down on the bare brown bench darkened with age and stare, I wasn’t really guilty, this wasn’t happening, how could this happen to me, this and many other things flooded my mind as I hear the judge go 2 years in prison. Funny I should be grateful, its two years with the kind of lawyers I have I could appeal and have my sentence short after all, I didn’t do anything, I was only set up , at least that’s what I know. Suddenly the Black Maria spurted and stopped, I looked outside through the tiny spaces that the truck had, so tiny a two month old s fingers couldn’t pass through and we were in a strange place actually surrounded by bush. And the next thing I heard was the drivers’ door slam shut.

I heard keys and the next minute, bright sunlight mixed with the smell of sand just after a drizzle hit me, ha, the truck was open what next, before I could think of saying something a rough hand of the escort police man grabbed me, I stiffened and screamed, and for the first time in my life I was scared.

Gerra outtt! Before I pull your teeth, stupid gal, bellowed the officer, I shivered and simply obeyed, sitting just in a small tent outside the bush were 4 men, four rough looking men, I couldn’t believe this, I thought we were been taken to some jail or the other but here we were in the middle of no where except bush.

I started shouting, Oh my lord, save me save me, when one of the men spoke in clear Yoruba “Ha, Omo yi fine gan ni, emi ni ma koko de be. (This girl is fine, I will go first with her), then and there I knew that I was in trouble, was this not the truck that was supposed to take me to kirikiri or some other maximum prison. Before I knew it I was pushed to the ground, and hands went roughly around me pinning me to the floor, I screamed heavily, but the man on top of me was much stronger, he tore my dress with a serious smirk on his face and said in pidgin this time ‘I wan do you strong thing, you fine no be small, so if you cooperate, you no go enter prison, I go make you my alaye mama for here”

God forbid, I prefer to go to jail, I whispered, Ehn so that na your way!, he then put his cigar stained lips on mine and all I could feel was disgust and pain as he was leaning heavily on me, then he tore my skirt and hurriedly pulled down his pants, revealing nothing but him in his full glory, Stella swallowed quickly , as his 9 inches neared her thin frame, this was it, ha I am finished, I thought as I tried to reason with him, Oga please I can give you anything you want, money, more money, anything pls don’t do this. Ok I have a condom in my pocket, pls take it and use, that elicited the most wicked laughter I had ever heard as he said in a loud tone, see this mumu oh, she say make I protect my self’. All his boys started laughing meanwhile out of the corner of my eye, I could see the police escort and the driver dealing helplessly with the lean woman, she didn’t even blink an eye as the police man, dripping with sweat and with only the top of his uniform was pumping in and out of her, in quick succession, my mind was thinking but I was weak, Stella isn’t weak, no no, as I still struggled, I felt one hand on my left breast and I screamed, quickly my captor lowered himself and his full 9 and pierced inside my body, my ear piercing scream was all I could hear before I felt a hand tap me and then I woke up with a start, hmmmmmmm, where was I, shit I, Stella young fell asleep in literature class, my goodness, all I could see were my classmates looking at me and laughing because I had slept all thru the class and was screaming half way and they let me continue. How bad could that be, I was so relieved, it was a dream , yes, But just as I packed my books, I saw 3 men dressed in police uniform advance towards my class, as everyone started getting scared, they see the lecturer in private and then he lifts up his head, Stella! Any Stella young in this class, all heads turned to me the sleeper, and an officer steps forward……….please ms Stella come with us.

Am Home! roll out the drums

Hi ya, guess this is where i should have been a long time ago but have been stalling, am home yeah, c'est moi has got to introduce herself since am supposed to be the new kid on the bloc and i promise to try to try to update as regularly as possible.
Me name, a couple of friends call me jazzy, but i kinda love jay, so i ve been reading a lot of peeps blogs here and am loving it truthfully, i am an ardent reader of Bimbylad, Tonipayne, Fineboy( he had to leave as i was entering too bad), simple gal, Original Mbeke, Nigeriadramaqueen and am loving all dat they say. so please am asking to be tagged too. tanks.

I am a boring chic sometimes but i have my happy eventful times, ok lets say that am supposed to be reading, because am really supposed to, ve got my Lagos Business school MBA entrance exams on saturday the 31st but instead yours truly sneaked out with a family friend one evening during last weekend to a club on the island, take it from me, i if u did sneak out from a security tight house like mine, o try gan oh! If i may let me bore u with a little family history, my father ha Strong Christian, so also is my moms so visiting a club was out of the question 4 them, talk less of seeing me outside the house after 7.
This makes me remember the day i traveled to Ibadan to do some marketing work for the company am attached to against their request, when i got home i found my palle and malle, outside the prison like wall called a fence waiting for me,as soon as the cab that dropped me, pulled away i heard a mighty voice
pops; Yes! where are u coming from
me: Dad, we were asked to wait at the office for those that traveled to come back
Pops: So why didn't you call someone or why were u not picking your phone

me, in my already planned speech told pops of how i entered am armed robbery bus, well it was kinda true but u know how we add fisi to our gist, that how i told my fada that they brought out guns and threatened to blow our brains, quickly the man rushed me inside, wishing thankful prayers, in my mind i was like, if this man really knew, i traveled with them and still entered a bus that was filled with theives not armed robbers he ll really throw me to them.

Anyways i was on about the club thing, as we entered 3rd mainland bridge at about 11pm na so my padie car just coughed and stopped, there and then i started firing prayers, me wey dey go club ke!
How could the car do this, with the numerous stories i ve heard about thief(s) on the bridge at nite, fastly i told my friend philp to start pumping the engine.

My goodness, the first time it refused, we tried oh by then just very few cars were breezing bye, they get mind stop Nah! no one wants a broken head, anyways finally on the third trial the thing just started and my friend said it was probably the bad fuel we brought from the gas station(i wil not name names) just before we left.
Rubbing my two hands in thanksgiving we quickly moved and it just got me thinking about the month i spent in jand just after my senior waec, where me and my elder bro almost entered police wahala wen he was driving just a little drunk, chei, we just went to hang out at Piccadilly with a couple of friend so, na so my brother begin dey shack, am like jazzy snr where u bring this shack come from, cos i no want police wahala, he just laughed and shook it off, ok now as we set home that was how my bro started speeding anyhow, i warned him oh say naija police go collect bribe ds one go tear u paper and my bro didn't listen, ok wen they eventually stopped us i had to muster all the sweetness and a call to my uncle who works with the MET police to help out.

Did i say that am suffering from an eating disorder, ok well i am , i love to eat dat only means one thing i am tres fat. not too worry not the love handles fat, just big , big bones, n fat. so i am planning a major dieting spree, tanks to my skinny sista, i look like ds a famine in my family and am the cause.

On a lighter and sadder note, naija just lost one of its special, Evangelist sunny Okosun, R.I.P sir, i ve gotta go now but tomorrow or wen next i can reach ds i ll tell u a whole lot of my experiences in my ex school the so called rich mans pickin Christian private university. For now catch ya i ve gotta work ds months or salaries are supposed to increase. catch ya