Monday, August 11, 2008



Hi people, its been a while I blogged, well lets say the weather got the better part of me and even as I seat back and use office time to blog, I have a lump of tissue in my right nostrils stuffed with ROB. Actifed at the other side of my laptop and an empty bottle of Diet coke! So much for the trying to lose weight therapy.

Anyways to the koko of the tori, I have a cousin get married some three weeks ago at the sleepy town of Ilesha in Osun state. He saw a beautiful Yoruba gal and decided she was the one, anyways my family, extended and invited drove, flew and hurried down to the gals father’s house for the trad wedding the day b4 and the white wedding day after. Unfortunately I was chosen to be a maid of honor and it wasn’t funny considering that I didn’t know the bride too well, I guess it was just as family concerns and all that.

Now since family had come from far and wide, I met up with relatives and cousins that I had either not met or hadn’t seen in ages. Now there were family introducing themselves and I was just running from place to place trying to stick with people I knew, when an uncle called me, he was talking to another aunty and was incidentally asking after my moms.

He asked who I was and when I told him I was Aunty Grace’s daughter; he had his mouth open and called almost everyone s attention to me with what dropped from his alcohol reeking mouth

“Ha! Ada bu onwo” (This is Ada oh!) So you are grace s daughter and you are so fine and big, and he turned to everyone watching and said that he we should all have a family reunion so that he doesn’t see me on the road next time and try and toast me!

Anyways that was how I was introduced to everyone including a cute cousin. When Collins and I were introduced as cousins, I didn’t notice much of him, especially since, I was searching around for people I knew and my luggage, so it wouldn’t et stolen. But the very next day at the church grounds I noticed that he was in the grooms train 2 (is there anything like grooms train)

Anyways, the service dragged on forever and by that time, I was the only maid of honor that was bored, the rest were really into the service as if learning the procedure of the ceremony like theirs was next week. I turned back and started gisting with this cute cousin of mine. I found out that he’s a second cousin and well, we sorta bonded. Thru out the recap, we were together till he had to travel back to Lagos. I didn’t know my moms eyes were on me.

Fast forward to Lagos, it started with wanting to keep in touch with each other and that was how we started chatting on phone everyday! I mean not less than 4 times a day till date that is. Now everyone calls him my cousin lover. Truth is I love him. Very deeply.

Now don’t get ur mouth all running about incest, cos I asked a lot of people and they are not really concerned about how were related cos it’s pretty distant. Come-on! Do you really think I d date my cousin?

I love him like a bro, he s my bestest cousin, we could chat for hours on end and that s all. I have no plans to take anything further and that’s that. Besides he has a gal that he’s serious about and I plan to love her 2. But check I ll be home alone for 2 weeks as the minister is going to visit Director @ Asaba this weekend and he s volunteering to keep me company and go to work from my home. Do y’all thin =k it’s a bad idea, as for me any company is ok oh! What is this, my phone’s ringing and yeah it’s him…… gotta go. 1 love

Thanks 2 all those that encouraged me on my verge of a break, am back on track and so is my boy!!! I hope!