Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I kissed a girl and i liked it.....

Oh hell no... i didnt.. i just had to drag you in. hahahahaha. its been such a long time and i feel like i should just restart, like start a new blog but then there so much wahala with starting a new one so i decided to just go with the flow..
how is it going? its been ages and i ve been busy and lazy and doing any other thing apart from banking has got to take divine intervention. Ok a quick rundown, i m still with the first place i started work with i m still Phat and fabulous.. taking one step at a time to become Pfit and Fabulous.

What can i gist u guys about now ooo. erm ok lets do it this way.
Dear diary,
i am currently on holidays and thoroughly bored. i m so used to living the life of a busy girl and i ve forgotten how to have fun. I m vacaying in the surburb town of Stevenage somewhere in Hertfordshire and all i can do is eat, sleep, go shopping and back home.. i m so chuffed with taking the bus/train without getting missing in this town, if na Naija now, i don carry cab. i did take a cab here once when i paid 55 pounds for a 30 something minute journey... i gave myself some brain my father isnt dangote or Otedola and id like to get back home not totally broke.

i m just going to go and relax again and get inspired to come back here and do a proper post.. till den... xoxo...