Friday, September 19, 2008


Ok, sorry ve been away for a bit, i guess am in the process of changing jobs and that means that i am not hooked to the internet 24/7 these days, and well i ve just been thoroughly lazy to get to a cafe. I ve tried to update a couple of times but ve not been able to post anything to my blog. Now the last thing i tried to blog about was my first love. My very first puppy love.

Good and bad news; he s back from wherever and wants a comeback. The cutie with the very hot looking face and body. Hmm why did we break up at first? I guess we were too young and his dad didn’t want a girl after his hot son!

The comeback: Lad calls me up one day and asks me what i am doing and if we can spend the day together catching up on old times, i agreed and well we met at a fast food place cos it was pouring cats and dogs. After almost 4 hours of reliving what i cal puppy love, i invite him to my place.. Hmm rewind i mean my family house! Now considering the fact that my parents don’t think am of the age where guys should come see me unchaperoned, i did a big disfavour to myself.

We got home, hung out thankfully mini me was home so we were restricted to just gisting but i could see it in his eyes that he wanted more... Then moms came back and she was like who owns the large pair of shoes at the door and i told her to meet him herself. Incidentally she liked him and even commissioned him to help out mini mi with his physics assignment. And that was how he stole my moms heart, mini mi’s mind and well a bit of me. When it was time to leave i felt like going home with him but then i remembered that C would chop off my ears, so as i bade him goodnight he gently took me in his arms and kissed me! Wao! This was the timid teenager that couldn’t even kiss a wall through the time we dated, now he was frenching like crazy!

We agreed to see 2 days after that and we did, of course at my place and this time, moms came home extra early from work, she made me prepare food for him and she went upstairs. Meanwhile i was tired of struggling for attention with family so i dragged Lad outside and he shocked me by saying he loved me, and that he had never stopped and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! Now that was crazy scary. This was someone that i had lost contact with for over 4years although we saw each other at various times but from distances.

Before i could say much, he kissed me again and well i did kiss back, he was a terrific kisser! Geez i hope that s not cheating on C sha? And we continued lip biting for another 30 something minutes before i heard my name! It was moms looking right over us, catching us red handed, i d never been that embarrassed before but i guess she should realise its time to grow up! Now frenching a man right in my father’s compound has erased the faint memory of my farting once during am interview..... Yeah crazy gist for later.. i feel the laziness kicking in again so i ll just say Au revoir